Life is a gift from GOD, He gives us this gift to enjoy and be happy. So we need to enjoy it even in difficult times. Someone may say it is not easy and i would not deny that fact.

The thing is we are try so hard to get everything before being happy and enjoy to the fullest, a lot of people think happiness and enjoying life depend on the amount of money, clothes, wealth we possess. So they can not enjoy their life to the fullest because they think they are poor, broke or limited.

Dear friends, enjoying your life goes beyond all theses, we do not have to wait for the government of our country to set things right before we enjoy life. Neither wait for our bank account to be full. . Enjoying life is a choice and a mindset.

Let me say this it might sound weird but do you know that some people have everything they want, wealth and stuff but still can not enjoy life to the fullest. Though money and wealth play a major role in fulfilling our life but we can still enjoy this life without them even with what we have now.

One should take the decision to enjoy life no matter the situation and the hardship. God is still giving us the grace to read this, to breath and be able to move around so it is a great opportunity to enjoy our life and be grateful to our Creator. Because everything he created is for us to enjoy and be happy.

Dear friend, we should take advantage of the immense treasures and blessings GOD has given us. Let us please focus on the good side of life, than being everyday anxious bitter and sad about the hardship, crises that has been happening around us.



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