Courage and Determination – Live Life Now 365 Will Change Your Life!

Hello, here we meet again i am happy you are reading this.

I want to share a brief story of my life to those who do not know me much

Here i am today writing, speaking a different language from my original language and i can say all has been possible because i chose to be courageous and determined.

I come from a French Country, but situation of life have brought me to a foreign land, a place very different from my hometown. In terms of culture especially the language.

I had to build a life, settle in the environment because there was no hope for me to go back to my country. Education was my first target; how to get an University Degree Certificate , and later get a Job when i do not speak English?

Trust me it was not easy, but i chose two keys with me along the way: COURAGE AND DETERMINATION was the two things i hold tight.

Going to school with people who understand and speak English perfectly, has made me understand that i can also make it. I was afraid to make mistake, because i thought my colleagues will mock me things they did. I used to get angry but as time was going i became use to it and i said to myself ” Maria use this opportunity to learn from them”. Then they were willing to see me through everything i was doing, their support and word of encouragement made more learn a lot.

Do not compare yourself to others and never be afraid of failure for it is part of success.

I said i will do it; courageous and determined to live and build a life in a foreign land. Now i can write and speak English very well.

Dear friend never give up in life. Courage and determination are the keys to every success. Thank you for reading and following me. Below is my Youtube channel thank you for subscribing. #letmakeithappen.


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