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Leadership is defined by Gardner (1990, p.1) as ‘the process of persuasion or example by which an individual (or leadership team) induces a group to pursue objectives held by the leader and his or her followers’.

Anyone can be a leader but the things is which type of leader? or which skills does a person has to be called a leader. Finding yourself at a higher position with subordinate or followers does not automatically make you a leader. Being a leader involve more than people think or do.

I want to talk about the skills someone must exhibit to be called a leader or better still what makes someone a leader.

Listen and learn: A leader must be able to listen carefully others. Sometimes He/she must know more than others but listening to their opinion and idea also make them feel important and valuable. Listen to your colleagues, your boss, your customers and get the opportunity to learn from them as well

Be a good example: A leader must be the one people look up to. At the workplace or wherever you find your self, be a model by your good attitude and humble behavior. I mean no one in this world want to take an arrogant or proud person as an example.

Have a strong communication skill: You must communicate clearly to others, your opinions, plans and other important things that the company need to be successful.

Embrace diversity: We are all different in race, religion, education, gender, customs, color. So A leader must be able to work in harmony with different people. He/she should be able to stand against discrimination at work.

Master your job: You must know you job and use your time effectively, because nobody will respect you if you’re spending all your time networking and demonstrating thought leadership while turning in projects late or doing a messy job of it. 

How to Be a More Responsible Leader - College, Career, Life

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