Let Love Lead Poster | vinykmanair | Keep Calm-o-Matic

We are all one, we are all coming from the same parents Adam and Eve.

But the love of money, power and position is making us hate and fight ourselves, forgetting that God created us to love and protect each other. Brother rises against brother, nation against nation

War, gun and violence has become an option for our leaders.

It is sad to see how in some countries children and teenagers are motivated to shoot a gun for money, position and wealth. Schools, hospitals and infrastructure are destroyed just because someone very powerful and greedy want to satisfy his/her stomach. I come from a country which experienced war and political instability for the past 10 years and I must say ”WAR IS NOT AN OPTION”.

The feeling of leaving home because I do not have a future there, I am not secured, because everything has fallen apart is something I do not wish to my worst enemy.

Why can’t we come together as one, discuss and look for a solution rather than killing ourselves and destroying everything? The rich and powerful want to remain in his/her position by oppressing, killing others and the poor have nothing to say than to endure the consequences.

We are all one #letmakeithappen LET LOVE LEAD


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