Yesterday we experienced earth tremor In Accra-Ghana.

Earth tremor measuring Magnitude 4.0 hits Accra and environs ...

Yesterday June 24 around 10:53, something strange happened in Accra-Ghana Fear and panic everywhere. GOD, what is happening?

I came back from work, prayed bath as soon as I took my plate of food that was around 10:55, I sat on the chair and I feel the vibration of the chair. I was like wow. I thought I was the only one who experienced it and my little brother came out and asked me what is happening.

We went straight on social media and there we saw that we were not the only who experienced it. It was very scaring. Because it happened three times. But from a reliable source no building fell, the tremor was at the magnitude of 4.0. I never experienced such thing before.

We thank God for our life.

Picture source: GRAPHIC ONLINE


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