Make time to inspire others: Life and experience

Hello guys, I am happy to find you here. Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting. Today I want us to consider a vital topic “experience”.

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All of us no matter who we are, where we are today have been through some experiences whether bad or good. But I want us to focus on the bad/painful experiences. Life is not easy, we go through a lot and we sometimes allow those challenges, problems and hardship to pull us down. There is no need to be discouraged, disappointed or having the feelings to give up NEVER.

You are who you are, where you are today because of the experiences you went through. We have to learn how to master our experiences and move on. That experience made us strong, and confident. I strongly agree with the writer who I called my mentor Emmanuel Cisco who said in his book BETWEEN HER WOMB AND YOUR TOMB “the worst things that happens in your life can put you directly on the path to the best that will ever happen to you”. I just want to tell you that those painful experiences have only come to help you know yourself better. Learn from it keep moving, focus and prepare for a better future.


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